Wobble Chairs

The Wobble Chair with Arms or The Portable Wobble Chair (available in black only)

Imagine being able to arrest, reverse, and prevent the common musculoskeletal complaints we associate with getting older! The Wobble Chair is a state of the art development.

Intermittent loading and unloading on spinal joints with a "Wobble Chair" can re-establish the health of degenerated spinal discs by using joint motion to feed the discs with oxygen and nutrients. Movement is essential in healing and maintaining healthy disc structure; the Wobble Chair can "restore discs between the vertebrae." The Wobble Chair with the use of head weighting (strapping weights to head to counteract "spinal displacement"). Along with overhead traction device to stretch the neck while the head is tilted back to reposition the skull can "restore the normal cervical curve"

The Wobble Chair is a patented, height-adjustable stool with a specially designed seat. The seat provides 360 degrees of rotation, 40 degrees of side-to-side flexion and 35 degrees of front-to-back flexion on a universal-type joint to facilitate all possible combinations of exercise motion needed for lumbar disc mobility, re-hydration, nutrition delivery and waste elimination. How does the Wobble Chair address the aging process positively?

"'You're just getting older' is a catch-all for common musculoskeletal complaints of neck, arm, shoulder, back, and leg pain. It's a feeble explanation, especially when the pain can be eliminated and the cause of spinal dysfunction and pathology can be arrested, reversed and prevented. “All of the chemicals and materials of normal spinal discs are present even in pathological and aged spinal discs. But spinal discs don't have their own blood supply so there has to be another way to pump the nutritious fluids into discs and then squeeze out wastes. While physical activity can create a pumping force, Vert Mooney, M.D., a world-renown researcher and orthopedic surgeon cites loading and unloading the lumbar discs as the best way to create a pumping force that produces fluid exchange. And that's exactly what the Wobble Chair does.

For a strong, healthy, pain-free back at any age, we prescribe performing loading and unloading exercises with the Wobble Chair twice daily. “A daily regimen of 5-7 minutes full-range-of-motion exercises are absolutely essential for daily metabolic interchange, nutrition intake and elimination of waste products in order to maintain healthy, well-hydrated spinal discs, ligaments and tendons. (The Aging Lumbar Spine, Bernini P.M.D. et al. Saunders, 1982)”

Includes sample exercise instructions

Portable Wobble Chair
Wobble Chair with Arms